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Holiday Inn Express Chicago - Schaumburg בSchaumburg

3 כוכבים
1550 N Roselle RdSchaumburgIL60195ארצות הברית, 1809-443-836
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מצויין4.2 / 5
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Holiday Inn Express Chicago - Schaumburg בSchaumburg

פרטי המלון: 1809-443-836

החל מ-₪356
  • סוויטה, מיטת קינג, עישון
  • 2 מיטות זוגיות, ללא עישון
  • חדר, 1 מיטת קינג, ללא עישון
  • מיטת קווין, ללא עישון, נגישות לנכים
  • חדר, 1 מיטת קווין, נגישות לנכים, ללא עישון
  • חדר סטנדרט
  • מיטת קינג, עישון
  • מיטת קווין, ללא עישון, מקלחת נגישה לכיסא גלגלים
  • מיטה אחת ללא עישון נגישות לנכים
  • חדר, 2 מיטות קווין
  • חדר, נגישות לנכים
  • חדר, 1 מיטת קינג


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מצויין 4.2 /5 from 321 reviews

Holiday Inn Express Chicago - Schaumburg בSchaumburg
גרוע1.0 / 5
Our stay was good until we laughed I realized I left my fit bit watch on the nightstand I had it wrapped around the base of the lamp and I called three hours after we checked out and the gentleman put me on hold for 10 minutes got my phone number said he would call me back next morning I never got a call back I called back again today talk to another gentleman they both said they don't keep a record of anything left behind in the rooms and that gentleman told me also he would call me back and he has never called back I'm so disappointed because I am positive I left it on that lamp I remember wrapping it around the base and now they say it's not there I have worked in the hotel business and we never worked like that. I noticed one of the housekeeping ladies had her daughter with her which was about five years old working with her and it almost looked like it was the grandma that worked the kitchen breakfast I'm just very upset that I can't get an answer I can't be convinced in any manner it was logged. That it was found I feel that's very unprofessional especially for such a well-known hotel and I am not done complaining or spreading the word of what happened. So overall I'm very very dis-satisfied
2 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
Holiday Inn Express Chicago - Schaumburg בSchaumburg
מדהים5.0 / 5
A will use it for my next trip to the area
1 לילה נסיעת עסקים
Holiday Inn Express Chicago - Schaumburg בSchaumburg
מדהים5.0 / 5
We stayed for a wedding that we attended. The hotel was close to the ceremony and to the reception. The hotel was very close to Woodfield shopping mall and other strip malls that were even closer. We had time to get our hair done and be back to the hotel with plenty of time to get ready for the wedding. The room was clean and the cleaning staff did a great job during our stay. The handicap accessible bathroom was great and allowed us to better take care of our daughters needs. The breakfast in the morning was delicious and the fresh 24 hour coffee was definitely appreciated
2 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
Holiday Inn Express Chicago - Schaumburg בSchaumburg
מדהים5.0 / 5
The beds were very comfortable, the rooms were very clean. The breakfast was good with a variety of things to choose from.
1 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
Holiday Inn Express Chicago - Schaumburg בSchaumburg
טוב3.0 / 5
Very pleasant staff. The door to the room was difficult to open. The desk staff had to show us how and said it sticks. We had to double check to make sure it closed and the bathroom door would not close. New beds were being delivered. My confirmation said checkout was noon. This was not accurate. We were able to checkout at 11:30. We would stay again. Oh and the final price was $1 more but they corrected it.
1 לילה נסיעה משפחתית

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Holiday Inn Express Chicago - Schaumburg בSchaumburg

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