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Wingate by Wyndham Richardson

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1577 Gateway Blvd, ריצ'רדסון, 75080, TX, USA

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Wingate by Wyndham Richardson

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טוב מאוד 8.0 על סמך 1,219 חוות דעת

Wingate by Wyndham Richardson
Relatively clean, but quite run down Awful b-fast!
Relatively clean, but run down. Little and not so little indicators of degradation of the place. The roof top sign is not fully lit up. Alarming already when you arrive in the dark. Running faucet in the tub. The toilet does not work properly, you have to flush twice. You would think they might just not be aware, but then you hear the voicemail on your room phone for the previous (!) guest telling that they are moving him to a different room. Nothing was fixed and they put me into it. Did not have time to deal with the move. Breakfast is a joke! Not only you have barely any food, you can taste the “savings”. Like eating cardboards. I am allergic to coffee and asked for hot water and the tea. Was pointed to a big thermoses that were marked as “regular”, “decaf” and “coffee”. The water was in the regular. Once you pour it, you realize that they probably needed to clean the “regular” one and boiled water in it. It smelled strongly as coffee. The breakfast lady was nice with the limitations of what she had. She went to a kitchen and brought me hot water. It is sad, that little things like that ruining their reputation. Should be easy fixes if management cared. Not sure if they did. The ones at the front desk were always in their phones....
Eyal, us3 לילה נסיעה
Wingate by Wyndham Richardson
Enjoyed everything
The food was good. Enjoyed my stay
elaine, us1 לילה נסיעה
Wingate by Wyndham Richardson
טוב מאוד8.0
An average stay
The service was nice. Just noticed a lot of dust around the room which caused us to sneeze a lot.
מטייל, us2 לילה נסיעה
Wingate by Wyndham Richardson
טוב מאוד8.0
The toilet wasn't properly seated and needed maintenance as it shifted whenever one sat upon it. The bathroom wasn't as clean as I'd have expected and had a damp/moldy smell, but overall the room served it's purpose.
Rachel, us2 לילה נסיעה
Wingate by Wyndham Richardson
טוב מאוד8.0
Great hotel and they serve a really good breakfast
This is a nice hotel and the front desk staff is very friendly and kind. I have stayed here 3 different times on business and it has always been well worth the money for the area. There was no where to eat near by but they told me about Uber Eats which delivers anything you want to the hotel We ordered McDonalds which took about 30 minutes but was cheap and worth it. On Sunday morning, we were eating breakfast when we heard distrubing hollering and screaming in very loud voices and in unknown languages. Not knowing if we were being warned to leave the hotel or what, we had to ask what was going on and the hotel staff explained it was a religious service so no worries. It would have been nice for there to have been a sign up or something to alert us in todays times, you can't be too careful in a public place when you hear hollering or screaming.
Karen, us2 לילה נסיעה

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Wingate by Wyndham Richardson

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