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Super 8 by Wyndham Lee/Berkshires/Outlet Area

2 כוכבים2 כוכבים
170 Housatonic Street, Lee, 01238, MA, USA

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Super 8 by Wyndham Lee/Berkshires/Outlet Area

החל מ-₪284
  • חדר זוגי, 2 מיטות זוגיות
  • חדר סטנדרט, 1 מיטת קינג
  • חדר סטנדרט, 1 מיטת קווין, נגישות לנכים
  • חדר, 1 מיטת קווין


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בסביבה הקרובה של Super 8 by Wyndham Lee/Berkshires/Outlet Area

ציוני דרך

  • אאוטלטים לי פריים - 10 דקות הליכה
  • ספריית לי - 13 דקות הליכה
  • מוזיאון האנימציה אנימאג'יק - 14 דקות הליכה
  • קאנטרי קלאב גרינוק - 19 דקות הליכה
  • יער בירטאון - 43 דקות הליכה
  • שמורת גוס פונד - 4.3 ק"מ
  • יער הר אוקטובר - 5.5 ק"מ
  • ווד'ס פונד - 5.7 ק"מ


  • פיטספילד, מסצ'וסטס (PSF-Pittsfield Municipal) - 18 דקות נסיעה
  • ווסטפילד, מסצ'וסטס (BAF-Barnes Municipal) - 35 דקות נסיעה
  • הדסון, ניו יורק (HCC-מחוז קולומביה) - 43 דקות נסיעה
  • אלבני, ניו יורק (ALB-Albany Intl) - 55 דקות נסיעה
  • מרכז תחבורה אינטרמודל פיטספילד - 21 דקות נסיעה
  • תחנת פיטספילד - 21 דקות נסיעה
  • חניה בשירות עצמי חינם
  • חניית קרוואנים, אוטובוסים ומשאיות

חוות דעת אחרונות

טוב 7.6 על סמך 166 חוות דעת

Super 8 by Wyndham Lee/Berkshires/Outlet Area
$120 a night doesn't get you much.
The room was fine, I guess. It smelled strange. The bed was comfortable enough. After I took a shower, I dried myself off with the world's thinnest, scratchiest towel, which I then noticed was covered in someone else's thick, black hair. Not exactly my favorite experience. I went to check out at 7am in the lobby - where I poured myself one of the first cups of coffee for the day. I added some cream, which immediately curdled. I tossed it out. The couple in front of me checking out complained about something during their stay. The desk person said she was sorry and thanks for letting her know. It sounded like they were rather upset about the whole thing and got exactly nothing for it. I decided not to bother with my complaint. I suppose I need to adjust my expectations of what $120/night really gets you these days.
Matthew, us1 לילה נסיעה
Super 8 by Wyndham Lee/Berkshires/Outlet Area
When we first got there, the check in clerk made us feel like we were interrupting her outside break. Not at all welcoming. While walking down the hall to our room we could smell a very strong odor that they use to cover up an old smelly carpet. Upon entering room, I checked the bathroom first and it was fairly clean. Next we opened the curtain to see outside the window and all we could see were tall bushes that had grown in front of the window totally obstructing any view. Room was dark and dismal. Next I checked the bedding, no sign of bed bugs, but a huge yellow stain was on the mattress cover and small stains on the sheet. No distinct odor so I guess it was washed but not bleached clean. Towels felt like sand paper. Next morning we went down to breakfast at the designated time (7:00 AM) and nothing was presented. We went back to our room to get our bags and couldn't leave fast enough. I went by the office to drop off our key and at that time someone was getting the coffee ready, but no pastries or bread was to be had. Wasn't in any mood to wait for the coffee to brew. Drove to the nearest dunkin donuts. I can say that the hotel is in a good location, but that's about it. Would not stay there again or recommend it to anyone.
מטייל, us1 לילה נסיעה
Super 8 by Wyndham Lee/Berkshires/Outlet Area
Clean nice
Clean nice microwave fridge a plus. Big Y food store great. Dunkin D walking distance.
robert, us4 לילה נסיעה
Super 8 by Wyndham Lee/Berkshires/Outlet Area
טוב מאוד8.0
Staying in the Berkshires
Very comfortable, quiet motel. Good water pressure and plenty of hot water. Good WiFi. The breakfast left something to be desired.
John, usנסיעה אחרת
Super 8 by Wyndham Lee/Berkshires/Outlet Area
טוב מאוד8.0
Comfortable and quiet
Service was good. Convenient to many sites and relatively quiet Might want to clean carpet better
מטייל, us2 לילה נסיעה

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Super 8 by Wyndham Lee/Berkshires/Outlet Area

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