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Hotel Villa Morgagni

4-כוכבים4 כוכבים
Via G B Morgagni 25, רומא, 00161, RM, ITA

מלון לשהות בסגנון 4 כוכבים עם בר/טרקלין, ליד ויאה XX סטמבר
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  • Great price, very good location, although not in city center, near public transportation…17 דצמבר, 2019
  • it's just average. OLD very old. looks way more outdated than pictured. friendly staff…11 נובמבר, 2019

Hotel Villa Morgagni

החל מ-₪143
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    חוות דעת אחרונות

    טוב מאוד 8.2 על סמך 427 חוות דעת

    טוב 6.0
    Disappointing Stay
    The pictures of the hotel oh the site do not describe that the hotel is pretty dated, particularly when it comes to the bathrooms. If you are on a business trip, there is no place to hold even a small meeting. The staff was not helpful in accommodating us at all in that regards. They will not let us use the restaurant at the top citing that it is being run by another company and it was only open for breakfast and the bar at the hotel could barely fist 4-5 people.
    Christos, us1 לילה נסיעת עסקים
    מדהים 10.0
    lovely comfy stay
    Beautiful clean and comfy hotel in a quiet area. Breakfast on the roof was lovely 👍 literally a minutes walk from the metro super easy to access Rome attractions and restraunts (none close by but metro fab) Supermarket across the road for any extras. Fantastic base.
    gb3 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
    טוב מאוד 8.0
    the Hotel is not is what is considered the center of history Rome, so the Taxi from the airport cost more. The picture give the impression of bigger rooms, they are small. Breakfast is good. So is cleanliness. The easiest way t visit Rome in the Metro and there is a station near by. TV is only in Italian.
    Victor, us2 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
    טוב 6.0
    Disappointing stay
    + The room was fairly spacious and clean. + Comfortable, big bed. - Very basic breakfast. I had contacted the hotel in advance to check if there will be anything vegan available, they responded that, yes, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. However, the selection was very basic. I got offered gluten free bread (gluten free and vegan is not the same). My omni partner did have more food choice, but it wasn't of any high quality. On the positive note, they did provide soy milk for my coffee. - We stayed in the hotel for 3 nights, due to the boiler break down, there was no hot water during the whole time. The hotel did not prevent us during the check in, we had to inquire after the first cold shower. The staff explained the situation and the difficulty to get it fixed during the weekend, however, offered no apologies. At the check out the staff member was actually rude and not happy with me complaining about the shower, still offering excuses, but no apology. So I asked for some refund, reluctantly, she offered to refund what we would have paid for the city tax for both of us for three nights - 36 euros. All in all, sadly it just didn't feel like a 4 star hotel, some of the staff were more or less polite, but some are really bad. I probably could have booked something cheaper and better.
    Lija, gb3 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
    טוב 6.0
    You can do better for the price...
    The pictures and description of the room are a bit misleading. The rooms are not well lit and the beds seem to be a bit on the older side. The rooftop restaurant is only open for breakfast and not accessible for any other part of the day. The hotel only has one small bar area next to the reception, which makes it difficult to get a group of more than 4 people together for a quick business meeting. It also has one small patio area with two tables, but that one is usually occupied by smokers. There is no coffee machine in the room so if you are an early riser, there is no way to get coffee until 7:00 AM in the morning when breakfast opens up. The staff is friendly and accommodating but it does not make up for the hotel's deficiencies.
    us7 לילה נסיעת עסקים

    Hotel Villa Morgagni

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