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Cape Shore Inn בSouth Yarmouth

2 כוכבים
793 Route 28South YarmouthMA02664ארצות הברית, 1809-443-836
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  • היינס, מסצ'וסטס (HYA-Barnstable Municipal) 11 דקות נסיעה; 6.5 ק"מ
  • פרובינס טאון, מסצ'וסטס (PVC-Provincetown Municipal) 70 דקות נסיעה; 77.9 ק"מ
  • Vineyard Haven, מסצ'וסטס (MVY-Martha's Vineyard) 125 דקות נסיעה; 73.5 ק"מ
  • ננטקט, מסצ'וסטס (ACK-Nantucket Memorial) 153 דקות נסיעה; 56.3 ק"מ
  • Hyannis Transportation Center 9 דקות נסיעה; 5.8 ק"מ
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טוב3.2 / 5
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Cape Shore Inn בSouth Yarmouth

פרטי המלון: 1809-443-836

החל מ-₪295
  • חדר סטנדרט זוגי
  • Double Room with Kitchenette
  • חדר דה-לוקס, 1 מיטת קינג


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  • במלון זה 18 חדרים
  • במלון זה 2 קומות


  • צ'ק-אין מתחיל בשעה 14:00
  • צ'ק-אאוט בשעה 11:00
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  • Cape Shore Inn
  • Cape Shore Inn South Yarmouth
  • Cape Shore South Yarmouth
  • Cape Shore Inn Cape Cod/South Yarmouth, MA
  • Red Mill Hotel South Yarmouth

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  • שנת הקמה 1960
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מוכר גם בשם

  • Cape Shore Inn
  • Cape Shore Inn South Yarmouth
  • Cape Shore South Yarmouth
  • Cape Shore Inn Cape Cod/South Yarmouth, MA
  • Red Mill Hotel South Yarmouth

תוספות אפשריות

מיטות מתקפלות זמינות עבור USD 15 ללילה

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חוות דעת אחרונות

טוב 3.2 /5 from 34 reviews

Cape Shore Inn בSouth Yarmouth
מדהים5.0 / 5
Very friendly and accommodating staff
3 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
Cape Shore Inn בSouth Yarmouth
גרוע1.0 / 5
The worst place I ever stsyed
Well I rented the for me and my fiancé for valitines day we got there and noticed the heat was not working so we let them know he had to hit the switch breaker so it started to work. Then I looked looked in the bathroom it was filthy. I then checked the bed that's when j decided to go to ocean state job lot I purchaced sheets and a blanket and some cleaning products. We get back to the room. The heat was out again so he switched us to another room we ended up hsveing no heat no running eater in the bsthroom. And no tv do my fiance weny to the office hr said he rang the bell and was banging on the door so i went to make a call but the phone was not working either this was around midnight I got the number off my cell phone and called but the phone just kept ringing there wasn't even a way to leave a message. I woke up so cold my entire body hurt so we packed up I went to the office told the gentleman about it he didn't believe me I showed him how the water in the bathroom. He I will take twenty dollars off your bill. I'm sorry but no one should have to go without heat on one of the coldest nights since 1957 everything in the room was frozen my whole valitines was ruind. There is know way I would ever stay there again even if someone else paid for it. Not a happy customer
1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
Cape Shore Inn בSouth Yarmouth
טוב3.0 / 5
It's affordable for the area
It's an ok place if you want to save a couple of bucks. The room wasn't bad and price was reasonable. I'll stay there again.
1 לילה נסיעת עסקים
Cape Shore Inn בSouth Yarmouth
גרוע1.0 / 5
This establishment is rundown, outdated and dirty. The man in the office was unhelpful and his customer service skills were lacking, to say the least. The room was so dirty (dead flies behind the curtains) we did not even stay the night. The 'free' breakfast is in the small office that isn't even air conditioned!
2 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
Cape Shore Inn בSouth Yarmouth
סביר2.0 / 5
This hotel was fine for a last minute booking and since we spent so little time in the room. Convenient to the beach and other attractions. The room itself smelled stall and like smoke even with the sign on the door claiming no smoking. I left a few things at the hotel and when I called the staff was very helpful about setting it aside so someone could pick it up. The pool is in the middle of the parking lot which seemed strange and uninviting. For the price this a no deal, but what are you going to do on the Cape in July for only a night when you book last minute.
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Cape Shore Inn בSouth Yarmouth

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