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Nordic Village Resort בג'קסון

3 כוכבים
Route 16ג'קסוןNH03846ארצות הברית, 1809-443-836
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טוב3.9 / 5
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Nordic Village Resort בג'קסון

פרטי המלון: 1809-443-836

החל מ-₪426
  • דירת סטנדרט, חדר שינה אחד, אח (No A/C)
  • פנטהאוז סופריור, חדר שינה אחד, נוף (A/C Included)
  • סוויטת דה-לוקס, 1 מיטת קווין עם ספה נפתחת (Partial A/C)
  • דירת סופריור, חדר שינה אחד, אח (A/C Included)
  • פנטהאוז סטנדרט, חדר שינה אחד, נוף (No A/C)
  • סוויטת סטנדרט, 1 מיטת קווין עם ספה נפתחת (No A/C)
  • פנטהאוז דה-לוקס, חדר שינה אחד, נוף (Partial A/C)
  • טאון-האוס סטנדרט, 2 חדרי שינה (No A/C)
  • דירה דה-לוקס, חדר שינה אחד, אח (Partial A/C)
  • טאון-האוס דה-לוקס, 2 חדרי שינה (Partial A/C)
  • טאון-האוס סופריור, 2 חדרי שינה (A/C Included)
  • סוויטת סופריור, 1 מיטת קווין עם ספה נפתחת (A/C Included)


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  • במלון זה 225 חדרים
  • במלון זה 4 קומות


  • צ'ק-אין מתחיל בשעה 15:30
  • צ'ק-אאוט בשעה 11:00
Guests must check in at Nordic Village Resort's rental office located across the street from the Nordic Village Resort. Office hours are limited. Special check-in instructions and hotel contact details are provided in the reservation confirmation received after booking.

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מוכר גם בשם

  • Nordic Resort
  • Nordic Village
  • Nordic Village Jackson
  • Nordic Village Resort
  • Nordic Village Resort Jackson

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פיקדון: USD 150 לכל תקופת האירוח


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מוכר גם בשם

  • Nordic Resort
  • Nordic Village
  • Nordic Village Jackson
  • Nordic Village Resort
  • Nordic Village Resort Jackson

תשלומי חובה

פיקדון: USD 150 לכל תקופת האירוח

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חוות דעת אחרונות

טוב 3.9 /5 from 393 reviews

Nordic Village Resort בג'קסון
מדהים5.0 / 5
The room we stayed in (C22) was absolutely amazing. Spiral staircase up to the second bedroom which had a jacuzzi tub that could comfortably fit two. only knocked off points on cleanliness/upkeep because there was a buildup of dust on the fan blades in the upstairs bedroom and the plastic outer part of the toaster was seriously melted away. would definitely stay here again, can see if appealing to families.
1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
Nordic Village Resort בג'קסון
מצויין4.0 / 5
Beautiful property with great amenities
We stayed at the Nordic Village Resort for 3 nights in October 2016. We booked a suite which was located down a flight of stairs at basement level which didn't really bother us as the room was nice, very clean, and had wonderful accommodations such as a fireplace, king-size bed, and Jacuzzi tub. The staff was very friendly and informative and even changed our towels mid-way throughout our stay, which was unexpected. The grounds were very beautiful as well with lots of amenities such as their game room, playground, and pools. The location was great as well, being a little secluded but close enough to all there is to see and do in the Glen/Conway/North Conway area. Overall, our experience here was an awesome one!
3 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
Nordic Village Resort בג'קסון
טוב3.0 / 5
A great property in a nice location.
The property is very nice with pools and hot tubs, a pond with row boats and a pen with sheep.. The entire complex was well maintained, very quiet and relaxing with some amazing views. Our particular unit had a full kitchen, stocked with every kind of utensil you can imagine. Security gate only allow residents onto the property. The furnishings in our unit were dated and quite worn out. The couch and two recliners in the living room were very worn. I thought my backside was going to touch the ground when I sat in the recliners. The cushions were shot and also stained. One recliner was actually a little lopsided. When it came time to go to bed, we found that the mattress was worn worse than the recliners. There was a sinkhole in the middle of the mattress that caused us to constantly roll to the center of the bed, making a good nights sleep impossible. There was a very large Jacuzzi Tub that was very good at getting the kinks out of my back after a rough night on the old mattress. We advised management about the issues, but all they could do is advise the owner, since the units are all individually owed. Would I stay at the Nordic Village Resort again? Yes I would, but in a unit that is better furnished.
3 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
Nordic Village Resort בג'קסון
מדהים5.0 / 5
Was a little difficult to find our assigned room as it was a late check in and the numbers on the individual condos were hard to find. Better signage is needed. Walkway to our room is in desperate need of repair. Inside was fabulous. Would definitely recommend.
1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
Nordic Village Resort בג'קסון
טוב3.0 / 5
Nice area, nice size room but in need of updating
room was dated but good size. There were 2 microwaves in our room. One worked, one did not. Tv in bedroom was very old & did not have a good picture. While we enjoyed our stay overall the price was high for the condition of the property. It needs some TLC.
1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית

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Nordic Village Resort בג'קסון

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