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Abbey Lodge Guest House

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30 Waverley Road, סאות'סי, PO5 2PW, אנגליה, GBR

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Abbey Lodge Guest House

החל מ-₪203
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  • צ'ק-אאוט בשעה 10:00
דלפק הקבלה פתוח מדי יום עד השעה 21:00
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    בסביבה הקרובה של Abbey Lodge Guest House

    ציוני דרך

    • בלב סאות'סי
    • גאנוורף קייז - 33 דקות הליכה
    • מגדל ספינאקר - 39 דקות הליכה
    • חדרי ודג'ווד - 5 דקות הליכה
    • תיאטרון המלכים - 8 דקות הליכה
    • מוזיאון D-Day בפורטסמות' - 15 דקות הליכה
    • טירת סאות'סי - 16 דקות הליכה
    • אקווריום בלו ריף - 18 דקות הליכה


    • סאות'המפטון (SOU) - 29 דקות נסיעה
    • Portsmouth Fratton Station - 18 דקות הליכה
    • תחנת פורטסמות' וסאות'סי - 30 דקות הליכה
    • Portsmouth Harbour Station - 7 דקות נסיעה

    חוות דעת אחרונות

    טוב 7.2 על סמך 104 חוות דעת

    Abbey Lodge Guest House
    טוב מאוד8.0
    Ideal Hotel
    Very polite host . Very clean room , comfy beds
    Dean, gb1 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
    Abbey Lodge Guest House
    טוב מאוד8.0
    Abbey Lodge
    Second stay at Abbey Lodge, it's clean and the room was light and airy. The owners are extremely friendly and helpful. Tea and coffee making facilities are provided as is a hairdryer and iron. Parking can be an issue in this area, so be prepared to park some distance away from the B&B. Be aware also that check in time is inflexible and the owners will want to know in advance what time you plan on arriving, they will also know what time you plan to be down for breakfast, so don't think you can just go down anytime between 8 and 9 in the morning. Breakfast is ok, nothing special. I would prefer to be able to help myself to orange juice, rather than be served a glass and need to ask for more if I wanted it. We had the King room with en-suite, although the en-suite was really an open topped, partitioned off section of the bedroom with a sliding door. The room was clean and the bed comfy. There were plenty of towels, and complimentary toiletries. For a night in Southsea where we just needed a comfy bed and somewhere to get changed. Abbey Lodge was more than adequate
    Stuart, gb1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
    Abbey Lodge Guest House
    Pleasant hotel
    The rooms all share shower and toilet. I had a shower next to my room, but the toilet was up one flight. There was no competition for the facilities, but it could happen. But the staff were friendly, the wi-fi worked, and a good breakfast.
    Edward, us1 לילה נסיעה
    Abbey Lodge Guest House
    טוב מאוד8.0
    I personally liked my stay here. The staff are lovely! The room was well kept and have loads of little extras- iron and an iron board, shower gel, hot chocolate, towels etc. There's a sink in the room also, which is handy. The only thing that bothered me a little was the shower, it's walk in so bring slippers! You get given a disposable shower mat for a reason. But a part from that I would happily stay there again.
    Abigail, gb1 לילה נסיעת עסקים
    Abbey Lodge Guest House
    Worst experience ever!
    After my travel plans changed, I booked a room at Abbey Lodge on the same day I was scheduled to arrive in Portsmouth. Only after receiving the confirmation email, was I told that check in time ends abruptly at 9 pm. Since I wouldn't arrive until 10, I immediately contacted the staff and was more or less told "tough luck. There's nothing we can do." They blamed the whole instance on Hotels.com and then refused to refund my money after Hotels.com contacted them. So I ended up paying for a room without even being able to check in. Throughout the entire ordeal, the staff was extremely unhelpful, inflexible, and unfriendly. I have never had such a terrible customer service experience and would never recommend this place to anyone.
    Ethan, us1 לילה נסיעה

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    Abbey Lodge Guest House

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