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Keys Hotel Katti-Ma בצ'נאי

3 כוכבים3 כוכבים
11/23 Kalakshetra Road, Thiruvanmiyurצ'נאיTamil Nadu600041הודו, 1809-443-836
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טוב3.8 / 5
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Keys Hotel Katti-Ma בצ'נאי

פרטי המלון: 1809-443-836

החל מ-₪173
  • חדר סטנדרט
  • Womens secure room
  • חדר


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  • במלון זה 26 חדרים


  • זמני הגעה 12:00-12:00
  • צ'ק-אאוט בשעה 12:00
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מוכר גם בשם

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  • Keys Hotel Katti-Ma
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  • Keys Katti-Ma
  • Keys Katti-Ma Chennai
  • Keys Katti-Ma Hotel

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מיטות מתקפלות זמינות עבור INR 1000 לכל תקופת האירוח

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חוות דעת אחרונות

טוב 3.8 /5 from 9 reviews

Keys Hotel Katti-Ma בצ'נאי
מצויין4.0 / 5
Great value
Clean rooms, non intrusive staff, good breakfast. Good value for money.
נסיעה משפחתית
Keys Hotel Katti-Ma בצ'נאי
גרוע1.0 / 5
Worst hotel, don't even thing about it!
Worst hotel! There was no room after the payment was made and confirmed and made us to wait for more than 3 hours to make a alternative! And this is not the 1st time by Key's... we are facing the same issue for 2nd time.
נסיעת עסקים
Keys Hotel Katti-Ma בצ'נאי
מדהים5.0 / 5
Good value hotel in Adyar
This nice little hotel is very close to Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur and the IT highway. The rooms are comfortable and the bathrooms clean. Wifi was patchy in my room but not in my friend's, so it varies. The staff are extremely helpful and very friendly. I'll stay there again.
נסיעה עם חברים
Keys Hotel Katti-Ma בצ'נאי
מצויין4.0 / 5
Perfect for Business Travel.
The Hotel is close to the airport and has quick access if your work takes you to OMR road and vicinity. The staff is extremely polite and helpful. Do not expect to flag a auto from outside the hotel as the hotel is tucked away on the street. Thankfully Radio cabs can be easily booked and the hotel is easily located by the drivers.
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Keys Hotel Katti-Ma בצ'נאי
סביר2.0 / 5
Only this time Just for Location
I stayed this 3 star hotel for one night because located close to Chennai Marathon Starting point. ( 5 mins by car to Olcotte Memorial School) That’s the only reason, nothing Value for money even I understand their standard and concept , If I pay this much again there is so many better choices in the city. 1: Hotel is not maintained, Cracks, Dusts, stains everywhere in Hallway and room. 2:They are not painting the wall property. Run off from the line . Everywhere. 3: Hotel looks like Renovated old apartment stayed at 201 and I felt miserable how they layout closet . ( which cannot even close property due to the size of hunger. 4:Upon check in, no one welcome guests/ At 4 am , Receptionist was lay on the reception desk and sleeping . 5:Bed linen is old and not using laundry starch. When you lie on the bed , make me feel miserable. 6: All Cable channel was not available and Receptionist said “it is problem in all in over in Chennai “ so respond to her I was previously staying at Raintree hotel in Anna Salai and they didn’t have problem. They fixed it in hour. Why they had to say such when they can fix it…? Anyways for purpose of my trip this time, Location is Excellent, but I won’t come back again. Even you are 3 star, I don't think hospitality should be there since the guest is paying around 5,000 Rps. For this service I would stay at Guest house.
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Keys Hotel Katti-Ma בצ'נאי

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