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Econo Lodge Near Plymouth State University בפלימות'

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304 Main Stפלימות'NH03264ארצות הברית, ‏‎1809-443-836
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Econo Lodge Near Plymouth State University בפלימות'

פרטי המלון: 1809-443-836

החל מ-₪357
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  • צ'ק-אאוט בשעה 11:00
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חוות דעת אחרונות

טוב 3.6 /5 from 86 reviews

Econo Lodge Near Plymouth State University בפלימות'
מצויין4.0 / 5
Good for the price
Clean room, not so friendly staff at front desk. Was bummed the pool was out of order and not told when we booked.
1 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
Econo Lodge Near Plymouth State University בפלימות'
טוב3.0 / 5
Great staff
The proprietors and staff are very friendly and accommodating. The facilities could use updating, but they are very clean and comfortable. I come back every few years for business and will continue to do so.
1 לילה נסיעת עסקים
Econo Lodge Near Plymouth State University בפלימות'
טוב3.0 / 5
Renovation time!!
We stayed here in May 2016 and the hotel is currently undergoing renovation. There were signs up to 'bear with' the hotel while work was being done, but I think more care could be taken. The place was very dusty, empty packets of building materials were left around the upper floor, cuttings of carpet were littered around, in all, very messy. I could have stayed at another similarly priced hotel which would have been much cleaner. Also, the wifi is not good in the rooms, you have to go and sit in the reception to connect. I wouldn't stay at this hotel again.
1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
Econo Lodge Near Plymouth State University בפלימות'
גרוע1.0 / 5
From the moment we walked in, we knew it was a mistake. The hotel literally looks like it is falling apart. Dirty, huge stains on ceilings, carpet and walls through the hotel. Room was beyond basic - a place to sleep, but with totally flat pillows (without any extras), not enough towels, etc. The wifi was terrible - kept going out. Soda and ice machines were broken. Fire alarm at 4am woke up the entire hotel. Breakfast was nothing more than make your own waffles in the broken down lobby. No more yogurt, and the fruit was sitting out for days. The woman at the desk when we checked in could not tell us suggestions where to for dinner, although the manager that was there the next morning was so much better. Note that I have never written a hotel review before, so I'm not a chronic complainer. Do yourself a favor, spend a little more and go across the street to Common Man Inn. We went there for dinner and so wished we had stayed here - lovely place with lots of extras. The cheap price for the Econo Lodge was not even close to worth it.
2 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
Econo Lodge Near Plymouth State University בפלימות'
טוב3.0 / 5
Great hotel for the price!
We were greeted warmly upon arrival, and when the woman at the front desk learned that we would be waking up early for a snowmobiling reservation, she offered to set up the free breakfast a bit early for us - that was very nice of her, and in the morning, everything was indeed ready for us. The room was clean except for the carpet - it was pretty filthy. There were big clumps of hair everywhere and bits of dirt and who knows what. But everything else was clean. For the price, this was a great hotel. Free wifi, free breakfast (the usual free hotel breakfast fare), a microwave and refrigerator in the room, TV had a lot of channels. I would choose to stay there again.
1 לילה נסיעה משפחתית

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Econo Lodge Near Plymouth State University בפלימות'

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