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Belmont Inn and Suites

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858 N Hill St, טייטום, 75691, TX, USAמיקום נהדר! לצפייה במפה

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טוב מאוד8.0
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Belmont Inn and Suites

החל מ-₪217
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  • חדר, 2 מיטות קווין, ללא עישון, מקרר ומיקרוגל


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ציוני דרך

  • אוניברסיטת לה טורנו - 26.8 ק"מ
  • תיאטרון אסקווייר - 27.3 ק"מ
  • היכל התהילה של מוזיקת הקאנטרי טקסס - 27.5 ק"מ
  • מכללת קילגור לונגוויו - 30.3 ק"מ
  • המוזיאון ההיסטורי של מחוז Gregg - 30.8 ק"מ
  • מוזיאון לונגוויו לאמנות - 30.9 ק"מ
  • מכללת ווילי - 31.3 ק"מ
  • אתר מדינה היסטורי בית משפחת סטאר - 32.2 ק"מ


  • לונגוויו, טקסס (GGG-East Texas Regional) - 19 דקות נסיעה
  • דאלאס, טקסס (DFW-Dallas-Fort Worth Intl) - 146 דקות נסיעה
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טוב מאוד 8.0 על סמך 37 חוות דעת

Belmont Inn and Suites
טוב מאוד8.0
Funeral for my Niece
Very surprised by this hotel, when I arrived the management was cleaning the rooms, due to staff quitting on them. They assured me that my room would be cleaned right away. Check in is after 3pm and it was 7pm when I checked in. I told them I would have a bite to eat, which should give them time to clean my room. True to their word, it was ready. Very nice people
Rogelio, us2 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
Belmont Inn and Suites
We were in the handicap room and the shower floor was level with bathroom floor. Water went into the bathroom floor and the walls were moldy from the water damage at the bottom. That was my only complaint. Bed was comfy.
Gerri, us1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
Belmont Inn and Suites
This hotel really needs some help. The hotel itself is not very old ,but owner really needs to pay attention to outside and inside maintenance. Internet is always down. They give you only two very cheap towels for a queen double room. They did give me extra if I asked. The breakfast has really dwindled. No fruit at all. A few muffins, cold cereal and one waffle machine. That at least works. This hotel gets a lot of oil field workers so there is slot of cigarette ash and stains all over sidewalks. We stay there a lot because of business nearby.
James, us4 לילה נסיעת עסקים
Belmont Inn and Suites
The manager was not helpful when ck'd in. Was rude! The ice machine was not working. No other than nnpremes!!!! Manager said Had broke last nite but had already been told by a weekly cust had been broke for months. Dead small bugs at every door on bottom floor. ( like fleas or bed bugs or something). Told staff they swept away... bathtub water barely drained out . Really really slow. Morning cleaning. Left trash laying around in corner bathroom floor. (Which would not have been there if had more than one small trash can in the room area...) knowing had 4 people in room only had 2 sets of towels etc in room both days. When went to office to ask for more ( they wouldn't answer the phone when called) ( same morning shift as day ck'd in) he responded well we gave you more last night. Not sure if we were suppose to take 2 baths while there for 2 days. Guess not!!!! If not sorry! Crews were staying there about be us and we're allowed there party outside and the show de about be us until 2-3 in the morning plying loud music and talking drinking loud. Do I have to say. We will never stay there again and will not recommend to any one else to stay there.... very poorly managed!!!!!!!
Darlene, us2 לילה נסיעה עם חברים
Belmont Inn and Suites
טוב מאוד8.0
Charles from Arlington, Texas
It was good. I stayed there on its first opening. Much improvement; however, the ice machine was broken. It did not take away my overall rating.
ca, us2 לילה נסיעה משפחתית

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Belmont Inn and Suites

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