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Tru by Hilton Murfreesboro

3-כוכבים3 כוכבים
909 Thompson Lane, Building B, מרפריסבורו, 37129, TN, USA

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  • It’s was great 7 יולי, 2019
  • A new property that is very clean and a step up from your 'express' type stays. Some…5 יולי, 2019

Tru by Hilton Murfreesboro

החל מ-₪414
  • חדר, 2 מיטות קווין, ללא עישון
  • חדר, 1 מיטת קינג, ללא עישון
  • חדר, 1 מיטת קינג, נגישות לנכים, ללא עישון (Bathtub)
  • חדר, 1 מיטת קינג, נגישות לנכים, ללא עישון (Roll-in Shower)
  • חדר, 1 מיטת קינג, נגישות לנכים, ללא עישון (Hearing)
  • חדר, 2 מיטות קווין, נגישות לנכים, ללא עישון (Bathtub)
  • חדר, 2 מיטות קווין, נגישות לנכים, ללא עישון (Mobility & Hearing, Bathtub)
  • חדר, 2 מיטות קווין, נגישות לנכים, ללא עישון (Hearing)
  • חדר, 1 מיטת קינג, נגישות לנכים (Mobility & Hearing)

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  • נאשוויל, טנסי (BNA-Nashville Intl) - 31 דקות נסיעה


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מוכר גם בשם

  • Tru Hilton Murfreesboro Hotel
  • Tru Hilton Hotel
  • Tru Hilton Murfreesboro
  • Tru Hilton


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    חוות דעת אחרונות

    נפלא 8.8 על סמך 277 חוות דעת

    טוב מאוד 8.0
    Room was nice, bed comfortable. Open area very loud and crowded.
    Terry, usנסיעה משפחתית
    מדהים 10.0
    Nice hotel.
    It was excellent in everything food, location etc but I noticed that when I got the room I found hair in the restroom I understand that is a hotel but it really needs cleaning in detail, other than that I love it.
    Jose, usנסיעה משפחתית
    טוב 6.0
    Didn't live up to Hilton brand name
    Rooms felt sterile and cold. There was no warmth to the decor and the furniture was minimal and not comfortable. Breakfast was sub par. No variety and tasteless. The guy at check in seemed to be struggling to figure out how to check in customers and later when I got snacks from the front it again took forever because he didn't seem to know how to work the computer. I travel a lot for work and this place wasn't awful but it wasn't great either. Probably fine if you are just spending the night on your way through town but for a couple day stay it is lacking in comfort.
    Shawna, usנסיעת עסקים
    מדהים 10.0
    The hotel was amazing. Love the decor. The hotel staff are very nice. So clean and comfortable. Felt very secure staying there too.
    Patricia, us4 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
    גרוע 2.0
    Never again.
    They automatically charge you 25$ at the front desk incase you "order" anything while staying....okay....never had that happen before. Was told it take 3-7 business days to fall off your account...cool... We got into the room after being on the road for 11 hours. Room was muggy and had an odd smell. We didn't care, we were exhausted. Went to one side of bed and noticed a few ants. Still didn't care we were too tired. Then noticed ants crawling on our luggage. Was annoyed that we had to then sleep with our filthy luggage on the bed so ants would not crawl into it. The shelves in room are very narrow. Would not hold our bags. Went to front desk to show concern about ants...she said staff would be up in the morning to check it out. They never came. Woke up to ants in bed and crawling on us. I requested to then please speak with manager. She was kind, but told me since I booked 3rd party there was nothing she could do. I really just wanted them to know ants had infiltrated room prior to our stay. Contacted hotels.com about this. They in turn said only the hotel can assist with situation. Big time run around & was even lied to by a rep. Horrible nights sleep, horrible stay. Would not stay at another Hilton if I was paid to. No thanks.
    us1 לילה נסיעה משפחתית

    Tru by Hilton Murfreesboro

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