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Arrandale Guest House

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28 Mayfield Gardens, אדינבורו, EH9 2BZ, סקוטלנד, GBR

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  • We aspect breakfast no breakfast on door see 8/9 o'clock breakfast instead must see no…25 אוגוסט, 2020
  • Phoned ahead as there was no check in desk,left a message as there was no answer but…30 ינואר, 2020

Arrandale Guest House

החל מ-₪256
  • חדר משפחתי, שירותים צמודים (Room 5)
  • חדר זוגי או טווין, שירותים צמודים, קומת קרקע (Room1)
  • חדר משפחתי, שירותים צמודים, נוף לגן (Room 4)
  • חדר קלאסי זוגי, שירותים צמודים, נוף לגן (Room 3)
  • חדר קלאסי זוגי, חדר רחצה פרטי (Room 6)
  • חדר קלאסי זוגי, שירותים צמודים, קומת קרקע (Room 2)

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  • בניואינגטון
  • אוניברסיטת אדינבורו - 25 דקות הליכה
  • פרינסס סטריט - 31 דקות הליכה
  • גראסמרקט - 31 דקות הליכה
  • רויאל מייל ‏(המייל המלכותי) - 32 דקות הליכה
  • ארמון הולירוד - 35 דקות הליכה
  • רחוב ג'ורג' - 36 דקות הליכה
  • טירת אדינבורו - 37 דקות הליכה


  • נמל התעופה הבינלאומי אדינבורו (EDI) - 30 דקות נסיעה
  • תחנת שאופייר - 10 דקות נסיעה
  • תחנת Kingsknowe - 11 דקות נסיעה
  • תחנת אסקבנק - 11 דקות נסיעה


עובדות מרכזיות


  • 6 חדרים


  • זמני הגעה 14:00-00:00
  • צ'ק-אאוט בשעה 10:30

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  • Arrandale Edinburgh


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שאלות נפוצות אודות Arrandale Guest House

  • האם Arrandale Guest House מציע ביטול ללא עלות בהחזר מלא?
    כן, בArrandale Guest House ישנם חדרים פנויים בהחזר מלא הניתנים להזמנה באתר שלנו. ההזמנות ניתנות לביטול עד כמה ימים לפני מועד הצ'ק-אין. רק ודאו כי אתם קוראים את מדיניות הביטול של מקום אירוח זה על כל התנאים וההגבלות שבה.
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    מצטערים, הכניסה לחיות מחמד אסורה.
  • מהם זמני הצ'ק-אין והצ'ק-אאוט בArrandale Guest House?
    תוכלו לבצע צ'ק-אין מ-14:00 עד 0:00 (חצות). צ'ק-אאוט ב-10:30.
  • האם ישנן מסעדות ב או בקרבת Arrandale Guest House?
    כן, ישנה מסעדה באתר. מסעדות בקרבת מקום: Kwok Brasserie (7-min walk), Old Bell Inn (8-min walk), וEdinburgh Food Studio (9-min walk).

חוות דעת אחרונות

טוב 7.4 על סמך 37 חוות דעת

מדהים 10.0
Nice older place
Nice hotel. Old house, very sound. Breakfast was good. Check in is interesting when you have to talk thru a doorcam. Not the first time having to do this so it was ok. Great location, 30 minutes walk to downtown and only minutes to shopping and restaurants.
James, us1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
מדהים 10.0
The owners are lovely people. Breakfast is very nice. The only thing that concerned me was the outermost door to the property is left open all night. Otherwise the area is very quiet, well lit at night and a 15 minute bus ride from the centre of town. The rooms are recently renoovated.
Lori, ca2 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
מדהים 10.0
Fringe weekend
Stayed here for one night with family . Everything was fine except just one small thing we stayed in Room 6 which is at the front of the building and because of it being the busiest weekend and the windows only being single glazed to hear all the traffic and their was plenty of it . Apart from that everything was good
Mike, gb1 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
טוב מאוד 8.0
Room is big and mattress is comfortable. Shower is small for a big person. Staffs are accommodating.
us3 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
טוב מאוד 8.0
Good place to stay
Check in was easy and the managers were pleasant. It was not located particularly close to major attractions, but it was fairly well connected to bus lines. This was a pretty good value for Edinburgh.
gb1 לילה נסיעה
טוב 6.0
Needs refurb and time
We stayed here for 4 nights from 26th to the 30th June. The owners only took over on the 3rd June so were very new to owning this BnB. When we arrived no one was in and I rang a tel no. Which was on the door. The first number was out of service but got through on a second no. They had left the key in a box on the wall. We let ourselves in and were the only people there. We didn’t see anyone until the morning when we met one of the owners Mia. She is lovely and very friendly and really tried hard to make us happy. The breakfast room had empty boxes lying around and was very sparse. This was fine for us, the full English breakfast was very nice. We were in the only room with a king size bed - it was dated but ok. Well it was ok until the last night when we found bed bugs and when I looked under the bed it wa hollow where drawers had been and I could clearly see bed bug casings in the bottom. The following morning we went down to breakfast earlier than normal as it was our last night and sat there for nearly half an hour before anyone came to serve us and by now the b n b was full. A man did pop in after about 20 mins to say someone was coming. Finally a lady arrived who is the other owner Yuki. She got straight on with serving with no apology. The breakfast this time was disappointing. At check out I advised her of what we had found, she apologised and said she had ordered a new bed and carpet but they hadn’t arrived. This rather spoilt our overall stay, wouldn’t return
Pauline, gb4 לילה נסיעה
טוב מאוד 8.0
friendly Staff, decent breakfast. But no vending machine or late shops for snacks.
gb1 לילה נסיעה
סביר 4.0
The property was not well kept and the staff didn’t speak a lot of English. In the morning there were their kids talking loudly and on 1 day, I was working up to loud angry talking. Back yard not usable and garbage in front entrance piled about 4 ft high. On last morning they unlocked and started to open our door without knocking- I was nude, not impressed
ca5 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
מדהים 10.0
Lovely wee B&B thank you close to city centre too
gb1 לילה נסיעה
טוב 6.0
Fair to middling
Austere and very formal, quite antiquated. Room was - and felt - cold. Service was pleasant but slow. Good location - lots of parking. Ok as a BnB but I can't really recommend.
gb2 לילה נסיעה רומנטית

Arrandale Guest House