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The Duke at Clifton

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Main Road, Clifton, Banbury, OX15 0PE, England, GBR

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  • The hotel has the feel of a business on the down and out. The first thing the…21 פברואר, 2020
  • We loved our short stay here complete with a beautiful fireplace in the pub and wonderful…8 ינואר, 2020

The Duke at Clifton

החל מ-₪338
  • חדר דה-לוקס זוגי, שירותים צמודים
  • חדר זוגי, חדר רחצה פרטי (Bathroom off corridor)
  • חדר סופריור זוגי, שירותים צמודים (Mezzanine)
  • חדר לארבעה, שירותים צמודים
  • חדר קומפורט, חדר רחצה משותף (Shepherd's Hut)
  • חדר בייסיק זוגי, שירותים צמודים, נוף לחצר (ROOM 6)
  • חדר סופריור טווין, נגישות לנכים

בסביבה הקרובה של The Duke at Clifton

ציוני דרך

  • בית וגני ראושם - 11.4 ק"מ
  • מועדון הגולף ריי היל - 13.3 ק"מ
  • ביסטר וילג' - 18.6 ק"מ
  • ארמון בלנהיים - 19.2 ק"מ
  • טירת ברוטון - 15.7 ק"מ
  • מוזיאון אוקספורדשייר - 18.5 ק"מ
  • מועדון גולף צ'יפין נורטון - 19.2 ק"מ
  • חוות ילדים לימודית פייריטייל - 19.3 ק"מ


  • אוקספורד (OXF) - 21 דקות נסיעה
  • קובנטרי (CVT) - 54 דקות נסיעה
  • תחנת Kings Sutton - 10 דקות נסיעה
  • תחנת Bicester Heyford - 13 דקות נסיעה
  • תחנת בנברי - 18 דקות נסיעה


עובדות מרכזיות


  • 8 חדרים


  • זמני הגעה 15:00-22:00
  • צ'ק-אאוט בשעה 10:00
בשל מגבלות נסיעה החלות בגלל הקורונה, נכס זה יכול לקבל הזמנות עבור נסיעות או שהויות הכרחיות בלבד. ייתכן שתתבקשו להציג הוכחה להכרחיות הנסיעה בעת הגעתכם.

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מוכר גם בשם

  • Duke Clifton Inn Banbury
  • Banbury The Duke at Clifton Inn
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  • The Duke at Clifton Inn Banbury
  • Duke Clifton Banbury
  • Duke Clifton Inn Banbury
  • Duke Clifton Inn
  • Duke Clifton Banbury
  • Duke Clifton


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שאלות נפוצות אודות The Duke at Clifton

  • האם The Duke at Clifton מתיר אירוח בליווי חיות מחמד?
    מצטערים, הכניסה לחיות מחמד אסורה.
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    כן, ישנו שירות חניה חופשי של חניה בשירות עצמי.
  • מהם זמני הצ'ק-אין והצ'ק-אאוט בThe Duke at Clifton?
    תוכלו לבצע צ'ק-אין מ-15:00 עד 22:00. צ'ק-אאוט ב-10:00.
  • האם ישנן מסעדות ב או בקרבת The Duke at Clifton?
    כן. מסעדות בקרבת מקום: The Duke of Cumberlands Head (1-min walk), The Great Western Arms (12-min walk), וThe Unicorn (1.5 mi).

חוות דעת אחרונות

נפלא 8.6 על סמך 29 חוות דעת

מדהים 10.0
Excellent place to stay and eat
Lovely country pub, well appointed rooms and comfy bed
Emma, gb1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
טוב מאוד 8.0
1 night stay for visit to Bicester Village
Large family room with King size bed and 2 singles and a 2 seater sofa, small kitchen and table & chairs. Lovely hotel quality spotless bedlinen and large fluffy towels. King size bed mattress was very springy and not very comfortable but had a mattress topper which helped a little. No hand wash in the bathroom so we had to open a shower gel and no washing up liquid in the kitchen so we couldn't wash up the glasses and cups we had used. Had dinner in the bar which was absolutely great - the best pub fish and chips my husband and I had ever had and our daughter's burger was really good too. Nice breakfast the following morning but a little disorganised. Overall a good quality, value for money place to stay with lovely food - just needs a few tweaks
gb1 לילה נסיעה משפחתית
טוב מאוד 8.0
Lovely country inn
This is a wonderful country inn - comfortable, quiet, a great selection of local beers and friendly service. Our only disappointment was the evening meal as the menu flatters to deceive. It was not unpleasant, but it was not at a standard we were expecting.
Patrick, za1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
מדהים 10.0
Helpful staff clean rooms and nice food
Mark, gb2 לילה נסיעת עסקים
טוב מאוד 8.0
Ideal Country Inn Stopover
Conveniently located for my office, but set in a charming village, the recently refurbished Duke provides all the comforts of home. A friendly welcome, speedy check-in / out experience and comfortably appointed room all conspire to create a relaxing environment. TV reception in the room was intermittent, but WiFi was excellent. Having eaten here before, I know that the Wild Mushroom Linguine is terrific and can be provided on a gluten free basis, but I would avoid the chips; while they are plentiful, they aren't real! Breakfast on Eggs Benedict was delicious and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Duke to colleagues who need to stay over in the Banbury area.
John, gb1 לילה נסיעת עסקים
טוב מאוד 8.0
Stay at The Duke at Clufton
This place is very cool - pub with great food, clean rooms, friendly and helpful staff. Wish the breakfast was served before 8am as had to get on the road so missed it. Dinner had been delicious!
us1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
מדהים 10.0
Add this one to your list
Quite newly refurbished and opened. All was good. Really attentive staff, great food. Just a nice spot to stay and the focus is on locally sourced food and beer. Really nice and very positive feel in all areas.
Timothy, gb1 לילה נסיעת עסקים
טוב מאוד 8.0
Mainly positive.
For such an old and characterful hotel, the building and rooms were very clean.Each room was given an individual name reflecting the rural nature of the area. The staff were very helpful and friendly in the hotel and bar.Plenty of parking at the rear of the hotel.Good selection of beers and wines. A few criticisms though, good that there was a vegetarian breakfast option but hardly generous, one veg sausage, one fried egg, two hash browns, half a tomato ,half a dozen tiny mushrooms and a tiny portion of beans; no fruit juices, yoghurts,cereal options or toast and only one small poscup of coffee. At £10 this does not compare favourably with other hotels. One major complaint was the noise coming from outside our room, The Lodge,I discussed this with the manager, who was very apologetic and explained that the noise came from the equipment in the cellar below our room, the manager is now considering installing double glazed windows in that room.
James, gb1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
טוב מאוד 8.0
Great place to stay
Really wonderful find, whole premises beautifully presented, as a character inn. Foood excellent great choice of decent wine by the glass and a vibrant and eclectic ranges of beers and lagers. Felt very much as if you were staying in your own preferred local inn. Positively worth a visit . The local countryside is a bonus!!
patrick, gb1 לילה נסיעה רומנטית
מדהים 10.0
The Best...
Visiting England on a road trip from the United States, family of 4. Rebecca and her husband are such nice people and really care for their guests in this charming little town close to Oxford. The word is idyllic. The inn is a pub/restaurant and our room was en suite, with king bed and 2 single beds for our children. English breakfast was filling and allowed us to chat about the various things to do in the area. In short, was a very pleasant experience as I was sad to go. We even missed their Alaskan Malamute, Harry, who entertained the kids. Perfect base for exploring Oxford, the Cotswolds, etc. Lovely, in England Awesome, from America Wicked, if your from Boston Perfect, would highly recommend.
2 לילה נסיעה משפחתית

The Duke at Clifton

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