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Twin Lakes Lodge

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198 Heritage Dr, Hurley, 12443, NY, USA

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Twin Lakes Lodge

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  • פורסיית' פארק - 5.2 ק"מ
  • אצטדיון דיץ - 5.8 ק"מ
  • אולם ומוזיאון קינגסטון לכבאים מתנדבים - 6.2 ק"מ
  • כנסיית Old Dutch - 6.3 ק"מ
  • אתר היסטורי בית הסנאט - 6.4 ק"מ
  • מרכז אמנויות הבמה באולסטר - 8 ק"מ
  • ספריה ציבורית רוזנדייל - 8.8 ק"מ
  • חברה היסטורית סנצ'רי האוס - 8.8 ק"מ


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  • צ'ק-אאוט בשעה 11:00

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טוב 7.2 על סמך 52 חוות דעת

Twin Lakes Lodge
Not worth the price
We were in the area for 3 days visiting family. We had been at Twin Lakes years ago for events in the restaurant (closed) but had never stayed there. The weekend we were arrived was apparently very busy locally: leaf peeping, Fall weddings in the Catskills, a wool & sheep show, ..... The places we stayed in the past were all booked so we found this on Hotels.com and decided to try it. First, the Staff, Barbara & Steve, are VERY friendly and helpful. The room ended up being a cabin w/ a small kitchen (which we didn't need). It is very old but there were new curtains, new bed spread, relatively new paint, etc. BUT is is old and it shows. The front door sill is falling out because of wood rot, the inside of the refrigerator is spotless but the outside is all rusty. The mattress was soft and bouncy. On the 2nd afternoon and evening I disposed of 27 stink bugs (flushed). Apparently they are an issue in the area but with torn screens & leaky windows they came in for the warmth (they don't hurt you but who wants bugs everywhere). The bathroom is akin to a cruise ship. Don't drop the soap in the shower because you need to get out to bend over and get it. The nearest place to get coffee and breakfast is ~ 5 miles away in Kingston. Bottom line, we paid $153 a night, I had a new king bed / 2 room suite w/ breakfast today in Salem VA for $106. IMHO way too expensive for what it is. BTW, the grounds are nice with a pool, bocce, picnic tables, a lake, etc. but we didn't use these.
Tim, us3 לילה נסיעה
Twin Lakes Lodge
Woodstock and foliage sightseeing trip
Beautiful location on the lake, clean cozy room, community firepit for cracklin autumn fire, warm, friendly informative office attendants, awesome experience!
maria, us1 לילה נסיעה
Twin Lakes Lodge
טוב מאוד8.0
Pleasantly surprised!
We had a cabin with kitchen and queen bed. Although the property is older, it is very clean and well maintained. The service was very accommodating and even called us to let us know we could check in much earlier. The grounds are nice and they would be good for family reunions, get togethers and even weddings. There is a pretty gazebo and a covered pavilion with tables, chairs and gas grills.
Linda, us1 לילה נסיעה
Twin Lakes Lodge
Do not recommend.
Room was filled with bugs when we first got there. We killed at least 10. No ice- ice machine was nroken. We were promised by staff that we would get it but never came. There was a porch in front of the room but the chairs were dirty. Shower was tiny and each person had to wait at least 20 minutes for hot water. Glad we only stayed one night. Unfortunately I wished we could have found another place but this was a last minute reservation on a holiday weekend to attend a funeral.
Lorraine, us1 לילה נסיעה
Twin Lakes Lodge
Comfortable enough, beautiful area and lake view.
מטייל, us1 לילה נסיעה

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Twin Lakes Lodge

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